2016 Halloween – A Face Lift With a Cute Twist

Halloween 2016 will be featuring new and exciting sexy pin up trends. Not only will the petticoat be adorned with polka dots but also the trend lies in cute vintage buttons and adorned trims. Costumes are now offered with a matching vintage look hair bows, matching stockings and vintage gloves with a pin up twist. Both Halloween accessories and actual costumes are more detailed oriented and offer a variety of accessories. https://zoomiescanada.com/

2016 Halloween companies are going the extra mile to create not only the usual dresses with matching colored petticoats but also hot pants, rompers and catsuits. Halloween costumes in 2016 more vintage and pin up. The usual fairytale look and the common character is not enough. The competition has forced Halloween companies to go the extra mile and design unique and not so common Halloween costumes.

For example the navy girl in 2016 features a cute romper adorned with front vintage style buttons and suspenders and the Alice in wonderland comes in all facets of the movie. You can now buy the Alice in wonderland with magic mushroom appliqués and the mad hatter with a super sexy petticoat and matching color hat. Petticoats have found a retro look by adding polka dots and stockings are now always adorned with a themed bow. Even arm warmers, leg warmers and hot pants come with a Halloween themed twist to match all of the Halloween themes. Most evolved are the gloves. In the 2016 Halloween season they will be a must to complete the 2016 vintage burlesque themed Halloween costume. The costume consumer wants more from the Halloween costume designer in 2016 and demands a more from a themed costume. Just an Alice or a basic Mad Hatter will not due anymore. The navy Girl and the Army Girl will have to have more than the usual hats and the witch will have to be cute.

2016 Halloween season is a special one that will consider the economic budgets of buyers and will offer packages containing not only a costume but also a specific look that contains a more cute approach to a theme. Alice, the navy girl and any other Halloween Costume have had a facelift and are going cute and vintage for 2016. A sexy look is not enough for 2016 Halloween season but must be cute and have a vintage flare to it.

Look out for some head turning accessories and amazing pin up style shoes to complete your look. The 2016 Halloween season is not just a face lift but a face life with a cute twist.


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