I Can See Through You! Writing Scary Ghost Stories!

The issue is, most of apparition stories are sleepily unsurprising. They will in general relate accounts instead of recount to appropriate stories and most depend extremely intensely on stun strategies by including realistic portrayals of blood, gore and abhorrently tormented body parts!


The two principle components  ตำนานลึกลับ  of a decent phantom story are anticipation and shock. Making environment and driving your peruser down hazardous ways through the accidental activities of your characters will help create anticipation.


Shock can be made in a wide range of ways, yet one which works successfully is to have your primary hero as the phantom! This functions admirably in either the third or first individual. To present the unexpected component you have to tell the activity through the apparition’s eyes or view point and not uncover that he/she is a ghost until the last passage.


It has been done previously so you should take care on how you pull it off. Be inconspicuous! Let either the activity or some disclosure with respect to the characters themselves uncover the information.


You can do this by knowing a couple “realities” about phantoms! 


  1. Phantoms are straightforward which implies you can see through them! This could be helpful in specific situations, yet generally you will need your apparition to show up as “genuine” as any human! The trait can function admirably in the event that you use it as a disclosure toward the finish of the story by having the character out of nowhere mindful that he/she can see the table top through their hand!


  1. Apparitions don’t cast shadows! Incredible for day time or moon light scenes. Let one character become mindful that just one shadow is available!


  1. Phantoms don’t have reflections. Like above. On the off potential for success that a phantom had behind you and you both glanced in a mirror you should just observe one reflection. Be that as it may, you should dismiss this as observing more than you expect in the mirror is an incredible method of raising a shudder!


  1. Phantoms don’t eat or drink. Drop a few indications about suppers or beverages being left immaculate.


  1. Phantoms won’t contact a book of scriptures or cross. Try not to make your phantom a priest or minister in the event that you need to utilize this!


  1. Apparitions won’t cross running water. Water is the image of life which is utter horror for a phantom. Would make an extraordinary romantic tale or a story of enticement. The brain boggles with what you could think about a human and a soul isolated by a waterway!


  1. Phantoms can’t be contacted! Obviously they can’t, they have no physical body, yet you could have a great deal of fun with a maturing obscene person gasping after a nubile youthful soul!


  1. Phantoms can be promptly recognized by creatures, for example, felines, canines and ponies which respond oddly in their essence. This can conceivably be extremely valuable in the event that you are keeping a character’s actual personality mystery. Utilize a creature to drop out pieces of information and cautions that something isn’t all it appears!


9. Apparitions can’t truly hurt people. No, yet they do have forces of levitation! Odd